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Top Five Solar Plants
gujarat1. Gujarat Charanka solar power park > In this world there lots of states which is most attractive in compression to other states. This solar power or star power station is installing in Rosamond evolve by sun power. In northern Gujarat this solar power park in Charanka village is the world’s largest solar power park.


rajasthan2. Rajasthan ambani solar power park > Now a day this transformer electricity bill gone very expensive day by day which the normal person can’t afford it that’s way most of the people get interested in this solar power electricity because this solar power energy is safe and secure and full fill our basic electricity needs. This solar power park is one of the largest solar parks in the state of Rajasthan and also biggest installation in there desert area.

tamil3. Solar power park in Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu > This solar power park is situated in Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu which is 90 km away from Madurai. This solar power park has a capacity which generates 648mw energy only from one place. This is the second world’s biggest solar power park. This project of biggest solar power park is get ready to use in 21 September 2016 in this solar power park the government will invest rs4550 crore about $680 million. This solar power plant contain 25,00,000 module and it will structure in 27000 meters and this want 576 inverters with 154 transformer with 7500km long cables or a wire. This solar power panel wants 1270 acres land to install it. In this solar power panel will use 30000 tones of galvanize steel.


project4. Jodhpur solar project  > This welspun 2nd is the biggest project of solar power which is situated in Jodhpur. This solar power panel provide the electricity at least 2.5 lakh houses. This solar power doing lots of efforts in this industry to set a new standered. This solar power doesn’t want any thing for produce electricity it only wants the sunray or sun heat.


koikata5. Solar power plant in kolkata > The government of west Bengal have a offer to build a biggest solar power plant in the world this solar power is under observation in the mind of central government this official judgment is declared on Wednesday. This solar power energy is never available at before for the use of American household. This solar power energy is finally got in available for our deliverance in many ways. In India the industry of this solar power energy will achieving much more prominence in our daily life. In this solar power plant have 16000 power panel modules. In the entire solar power panel comes with fixed tilt for taking maximum amount of sunrays for produce electricity a use it at our home with this solar power panel we can save lots of money from our house or office electricity bill at per month basis. If you want to install this solar power panel at your house rooftop and generate electricity and reduce the bill for that you can use the solar calculator for take out the full estimate of this solar power panel. Let’s just take a little bit look from closely on the southern California genesis solar power project which produce the electricity with all three solar power plants are enough to produce and serve at least 140000 California houses in a day.



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