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Five Solar Products
bank1. Bank for solar power > The solar power bank is like a storage device which store the sunlight energy for the time of emergency. The solar power panel takes the sunlight and charge everyday to run our daily life appliances. This process makes famous to those people who want to help our environment or save energy. This solar power bank is so convenient for me if the storage is large I’m use that free sunlight energy to charge my phone to keep it on for 24*7. the phone battery will draining fast mostly on the trip which I experienced.

warm2. Solar power warm swimming pool > As we discuses ahead if we use swimming pool in winter the water temperature is very low that’s way we cant use it so all where they use solar power panel to heat up the water of swimming pool this process is environmentally safe and it also reduce the electricity cost in comparison to other swimming pool water heater gadgets. After installation of this solar power panel you have to do first preserve the warmness in you pool water and we also have to look some normal profit of solar power panel like- this solar power panel use the sun rays to heat our swimming pool water or normal water. In the swimming pool there are lots of accessory will use to make or flowing the water like- water filter, water pump and PVC pipes the new product of solar power panel also offer thermal solar power heating and pump heat solution to heat our swimming pool water. This system is also cost efficient and low billing for our homes.

3. Solar power energy will warm our water > Is a big bang to solve that with Domestic Water Solar Heating (DWSH). This solar power water heating (SPWH) is work as a converter which converts the sunlight or sunrays into renewable energy for heating our water. The thermal solar power collector is use heat which comes free from sun to warm our tame hot water this will also known as domestic hot water system (DHWS) this system is very cost effective way to produce warm water at our home. This type of solar power system doesn’t provide capable space for heating water.


house4. Warm our houses with solar power system > If you can’t take it strictly and ignore the wastage of electricity then you have to pay high amount of bill in future. There are so many reason of wasting electricity like warm water with the help of electric rod or gas stove so that way you have to shift on solar power panel for preserve lots of electric. At all the home using constantly warm water to do lots of house work like bathing, dishwashing, laundry, hand washing and also cooking.


power5. Taking power for home with solar power panel > If you want to warm your home with solar power panel then firstly you have to look or decide that how much energy is capable for you home, space on your terrace area for fix the solar power panel. This solar power system is a big rareness when it was introduced in the market. In united state this solar power resources is very high for the solar electric power system this is also called as photovoltaic system (PV) because the united state engineer use the unkempt sun rays or direct sun rays. This will made after 12 months of introducing in the market.


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