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Five Wind Energy

tamil1. Tamil Nadu wind farm > Our India is in the fifth rank who have the biggest wind power generator and also installed for the facility from this largest wind power generator in this word sector. At the end of the year 2015 the total worldwide accumulative installed this wind power generator at there area this wind power generate at least 630mv with its capacity as we know. As all you know this wind power produce renewable energy in clean source without doing any pollution which harming our atmosphere.

park2. Wind power park of Jaisalmer > In the jaisalmer this onshore operational wind power park is the largest wind park in India and this wind power park crossed the capacity from 1000 mw and 1gw of producing the energy. This is the India’s fifth biggest wind power and biggest in manufacture of wind turbine and this is also the biggest developer of wind power in India. This wind power park in jaisalmer is cultivated by the suzlon group and they crossed the capacity of installation from 1000 mw.

china3. China wind farm > In the generation of this wind power the china is the world leader. In this country have a big land to install this wind turbine and it also have a big coastline of that land which provide incredible potential of wind power energy. China government create a record breaking year in this wind turbine project which we all ready knew. Our India is want and looking as way to produce renewable energy for achieves security energy and bridle the green house which is in growth stage in current time. In our world there is only one sea going wind energy which is only made in the China. The world of wind energy power sector the china is one of the leading countries who have the conference and exhibition facility.

wind4. Wind farm of Karnataka > This wind farm develop in the largest way and this largest wind farm is developed in Karnataka which have the capacity is approximately 56.1 MV for produce energy. This wind farm is not so far if we count the distance so it will be 55 kilo meter far from citradurga and 260 kilo meter far from Bangalore which is the capital of Karnataka. In our India the procedure of development or installation of this wind power is began in the year 1986 which is the first wind power project and all thing which is related with this project is done first time like location and project overview. Today our India wind power is come in the rank fifth which produce largest energy in comparison to other country of the world.

spain5. Spain wind energy > Spain is also the largest wind energy producer and come to the rank fourth in comparison to other city in our world. In this wind energy we have to harness in many different ways. Today in our this wind power energy is growing day by day and also increasing the installation of this global wind power turbine for generate the electricity and this is also fastest increasing electric source for producing electricity. In our world this wind power energy is the new way to generate electricity with the help of wind (air) all the sector of this wind power is booming to achieve target.


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