Largest Solar Plant

largest1. Largest solar power plant > In the state Morocco there is the biggest solar power plant which basically provide the electricity at least 1.1 million people at the time of power cut and cutting carbon excretion by 760000 tons in a year. In our world there is one biggest solar power plant was available which is closed due to the reason of fire started on the mirror plate which is placed at the 452 fit high.


india 2. India largest solar power plant > Solar power plant industry is new for our India and it will rapidly taking place on our India market and gone very famous it will also firstly undertake the Gujarat city and construct there solar power park which also gone world wide famous with the name of Gujarat solar power park. There is one more biggest solar power plant in Andhra Pradesh which is developed by Tata Company.


indiafirst3. India first solar power plant > In our India there is one state who start up what they promise that state is Punjab who start the worlds biggest solar power plant rooftop. These solar power plants install on the 82 acres with eight rooftop solar power that will generate 11.5MW electricity. This solar power plant start to produce solar power energy at the expected year march 2017. The biggest world 750 MW energy producer solar power plant is installed in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh.


india4. India first solar power plant > In India the solar power plant capacity is projected to be extend to the range 5MW. The Punjab state governments take the target to produce at least 20000 MW from this solar power plant at the year 2020. In the marikal village there is photovoltaic project which generate 20MW energy this village is situated in the district of mahbubnagar of telangana they also want to develop this solar power plant which generate 200MW energy. This solar power plant is also connected with telangana grid in Tamilnadu which is also a part of India and it will declare this biggest solar power panel park. Our India will also declared that this solar power plant has accredit five substation which is get in touch with 648 solar power panel park in the national grid.  


worldfirst5. Worlds first solar power plant > Worlds first solar power plant is started and build on the airport. In this airport there are 400 solar power panels are installed on the rooftop in the year 2013. This solar power panel is the first power generator that’s way they use small project after this experiment got the victory all the government will decide to install this solar power panel at there place. After this the building of Japan was the world’s first biggest floating solar power plant. Our Indian government will decide to install the biggest solar power plant in Rajasthan this state is placed in northwestern side in India this government statement is declared on Friday. There is also some venture who supposed to decrease the solar power taxes in Pakistan this country install and start the first solar power plant in this project the Chinese will invest the money. This solar power plant is install in Islamabad for install this power plant they invest $1.5 billion and it will be biggest solar power which generate 900MW energy in Bahawalpur of Islamabad.


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