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Make Solar Product
As we all know that in our country there are so many village some village live without electricity and some have a electricity facility. In percentage there are 96% villager have this electricity facility but only 69% villager home having the connection of the electricity. Now this is a time to take a decision for save our energy if we can’t take a suitable decision then in future we have to live without energy or electricity. This solar power energy is a new technique who converts the sun rays into electricity which we use at our home this is like a converter with out solar power panel we can’t use the sun rays directly. We started to produce energy of light form the sun heat or a sun rays. Now a days at each houses confront some challenge of power cut After few months I can note that my electricity bill was come in high rate month after month I look out that my electricity appliances consume much more electricity that’s way my electricity bill rising monthly so in this case the solar power panel will help us. We can make some small type of solar product at our home with some material with help of glass and mirror etc. which is easily available at home which we use inside our home without any investment so let us see how to make solar product at our home mostly they want home based solar power panel.


1. STEP > Snatch one sheet of copper and cut this sheet in two equal parts now we got two piece of copper sheet in same length.



2. STEP > Take the second part of that copper sheet which we cut and warm that piece fully with the help of chimney or a gas fired. After this copper sheet completely warm place it at cool place to cool down for some time.


3. STEP > Now take a copper wire piece to joint on the copper sheet but firstly wipe the surface where you joint the wire.


4. STEP > Now take the second copper sheet and joint other copper wire with same procedure as we done on first sheet.


5. STEP > Now snatch one bottle of plastic and cut it from the centre of the bottle now take the base part of bottle and fill that part with the solution of warm water and salt.


6. STEP > Fix the copper sheet in the bottle which sheet we warm not another one. Note that the water is touched with water not with copper wire.


7. STEP > Now fix the second copper sheet on the opposite course.


8. STEP > How can we use this lets see take it some thing which we want to run or start for example we take phone charger connect the ends of the charger with the copper wires to start the process.

Now our solar power panel is ready to use.The cheap solar power panel system is very help full for our life time for reduce our electricity bill. In our life time the most use full product are home water heater or pool water heater at winter season time.


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