Solar Power Articles

A: Solar power energy article > In our daily life the sun rays will come to our earth because our earth wants the energy to fulfilled the basic needs now all in your mind one question will arise that what is the basic needs of earth so why not if we talk our body our body wants energy for some work then earth also want energy for doing work. Sun rays are the food for our earth if our earth doesn’t take energy from sun then it can’t work easily. Now a days with this gadget our earth global energy taking less then one percent of the energy of sun rays. In our present the heat temperature is going increase day by day because in our earth there is lots of desert area whose temperature is very high and there warm air flow country to country so that’s way all place and country feeling warm. This warm is not happened only for one reason it will also come during changing of climate. Solar power plant harness the sun rays into heat or electricity this energy will made by photovoltaic solar power plant, thermal solar power plant and concentrating power plant all this type of energy which is in the form of light or heat bear out all life who live in our earth. The earth weather or climate is conspicuously responsive for all this unusual resource which we collectively known renewable energy this new report of publication announced by the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA). Now a day the Ontario Company is most famous or this is leading the jurisdiction in the north America creating photovoltaic solar power. There are few amount of energy will come from sun which is direct food for our plant to grow and also this energy will light up our full day. Now a day the united state people have high rang demand for this solar power panel. The year 1950 space industry decide that they will use solar energy technology in spacecraft which is in abroad. In our earth solar power energy resource is the extremely abundant. International energy agency declared in there report that in the year 2050 the photovoltaic (PV) power panel will provide at least 16% electricity for all world population.

B: Solar power system article > This solar power system how we got here? What is the raw material who makes this sun and all planets and some else object. What is the process and how to search it? When this telescope gadget where invent that time when we will use that telescope we will obtain three more planets in our solar system. In our solar system there are 140 normal satellites where surrounding which we called moons with this moon there are various planets are also present in our solar system. This entire planet is moving around the sun. The solar system is fully depending on the sun and all made by the sun everything all orbit around the sun. Asteroids, moons, comets, planets and meteoroids all it will include. There is one most beautiful thing of astronomy that this is looking different at everyday in our life experience.



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