Solar Power History

The history of this solar technology is oldest from the 7th century B.C to today. Solar power at India is first collector in 1776 this solar collector is firstly developed by Swiss scientist whose name is Horace - Benedict de Saussure he told that the three layer of glass which is covered with insulated box for absorbed heat energy. In 2006 Indian government recognize that how much important this solar power in electrification rural program. This energy is a renewable source of energy which is originate form the monuclear process and it will transfer the hydrogen into helium about 650,000,000 tons per second. After some time of period in India the policies of solar energy will come with five year plan in 1974-1979. it will become minimum needs of program like (MNP), MENP forum of solar power. In Indian economy there are 1 billion and more people want this type of energy this will firstly growing. There are some country who produce this type of energy with the help of coal 53% and it will predict that in the year 2040-50 there is no coal in our earth to produce energy.

A: Solar power plant history > There are so many country decide to install solar power plant for making electricity with the help of sun rays. All over the world people consciousness to save our environment for the future and they have to understand the solar power energy. There are many different type of solar power plant will be installed for making electricity. Solar power plant work in different manner like solar power convert the heat into electricity which help you to run your electric appliances which is mainly used in your home. Now a days this solar power is used in many ways but mainly it is used in three way. They are photovoltaic solar energy plant, solar thermal energy plant and concentrating solar energy power plant.

B: Solar power system history > Alexander Edmond Becquerel search out in the year 1839 that some few object which yield mite quantity of electric current while unveiled of the light. After develop the project of solar power energy the Greek and roman states are the first user who used this solar power energy for familiar and ceremonious object. Alexander Edmond Becquerel revealed that how the photovoltaic power plant will work and he also show how energy will made with the help of sun rays or a light of sun. The concept and a history of solar energy power plant gone old like as human past will gone old. In this world all the people use the rays or a light which comes from the sun straight for making the electric power.

C: Solar power generation history > In our earth all the people understand the solar power energy that’s way it will grown day by day that’s way our earth collecting much energy from the sun rays or a heat of sun in just under one gong after making the energy from the sun ray heat the population of any country will use this energy for entire year. In our India the market of solar power energy will extend day by day. Now a days this solar power system will use in all country for generate the electricity and it will cross the limit of mark about 5000 mega watt.



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