Solar Power Growing

This solar power panel system industry of India is growing lots of primacy day by day. The solar thermal plant power utilize the rays of sun to warm the liquid substance in high-temperature this solar plant is very helpful for our daily needs. we all know our country is develop day by day so solar system power is also grown day by day that’s way at present this solar power panel is come with more feature it also come with flexibility and convenient for normal people who can’t afford high-priced solar power system. After success of solar power plant project all the country will decide to installed this solar power plant in there area. These solar power panels transform the rays of sun straightly into current which we use to run our appliance in our daily life. In the California this all three solar power plants is appropriate to give the service at least 1,40,000 houses of California. Our earth consumes much more solar energy in a year which all the population in our earth can’t be able to consume. In India the biggest solar power plant will introduce who produces at least 750 megawatt electricity this solar power plant is located in Madhya Pradesh district Rewa. Our India solar power plant will outstrip the America solar power plant who produces 550 megawatt electricity this is situated in California.

A: Sun gives how much energy to our earth > This solar power panel is the best research for our India or earth. Our earth taking the energy from sun for many thing let’s just calculate how more energy our earth will take from the sun but we can’t calculate the whole earth we have to take a small amount of surface of the earth we take a squire meter of surface for calculate after taking the surface we can observe that this squire meter surface taking 164 watt energy from the sun this is an average calculation. Let we understand in other word for example if we stand on a squire meter surface table is we can’t feel the energy but you stand on the mighty surface on this surface have at least 150 watt energy only in a squire meter. If anybody wants to use this surface energy so he can use it for electricity for his home. Let as take in secondly way in our earth the desert of Sahara have so much energy because there sunrays or heat will come directly without any trouble and as we know that the energy will produced by the sunrays so if we take a small amount of surface of Sahara desert then we can obtain electricity with that’s face to light up the entire world Now a days all the people know the importance of the environment and want to save and preserve for our future; that’s way the green city movement will rise every day and the environmental friendly or eco-friendly accessory or product demand will rising a days in our India all people have a vision to develop our India’s economic into full of energy efficient.



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