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Solar Power Work

The solar power is a new technology If you want to generate electricity with the help of sun rays then you have to do just install the solar power panel which convert the sun rays/heat into the electricity. This solar power panel catch the sun rays which we call photons in scientific way this photons will convert into electron this is also a scientific word this electron will provide you electricity of direct current (DC). In this solar panel there is some solar cells are available for you this solar cells straightly switch the sun rays into electric current after this process we can use this electricity in our home without any trouble. This process has no end it will continue on the next day with same procedure. This solar power will have a highly spotlight in all the countries owner of the home and the company. Before this solar power panel was not introduced that time all the people produced electricity with the help of coal and natural gas but it also have a side effect also for example if we produced electricity with the help of coal and natural gas so it will harm our environment. There are lots of Australian people are already moved to solar power system approx 75000 Australian people develop there houses into solar power. In the solar power panel there are lots of benefit are there which you have to learn how it s work and how can we use it. In Australia lots of people using wired electricity which is connected with grid of national electricity this is the network where the current flow on the wires and transformer. The transformer is a compulsory and these transformers transform the electric current into alternative current (AC) form and direct current (DC) form. Now we talk about solar power panel this solar power panel is made by glass this is not a normal glass this glass have contain lots of photovoltaic cells (PV) cells this PV cells convert the sunrays into electricity and this solar power panel send the electricity through wires to all the switches which you can use it for light at your home or office like as transformer electricity.  As you see this is simple but it can’t if you firstly install this solar panel it will very costly and it can’t be appropriate for every time. If anybody want to install this solar power panel then you have to first look the sunrays come directly without any difficulty on the roof of your house because the solar power panel will install on the house roof or your office roof if you leave in united state (US) or any other country where the sunrays not come directly and it have some difficulty to come on the roof of your house then don’t install the solar power panel because this is a waste of money without sunrays is like a litter. the solar power panel is not appropriate to stake in the market to get it on.


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