Solar Power Station
About solar power station and 3 highest power stations biggest solar power plant farm in our world. s1The biggest world floating   solar power panel farm is install in Britain reservoir it length width is among eight wimble football pitch.


s2 The  California going to cover his desert area with its sprawling solar power panel from the past few year. Now this is the largest one where the sunny state wants the home. This plant is very effective because this plant will generate at least 34 GW at per year, this plant have the power to light up 12,000 house family and it hold back 3,75,000 tones CO2. This power plant produces that much electricity power to light up at least 2,55,000 houses the tantamount of motion car about 1,08,000 at the road at per year. The other big solar power farm is install in California desert land, it have declared by the name of worlds largest solar power plant our largest world solar power plant is now situated in morocco, which distributed the energy of power to at least 1.1 million people.the morocco king city will sift to first phase in concentrated solar power panel plant in this Thursday it will be very famous when it will be completed.


s3 All the engineers now want to make a big solar power panel in Dubai with newly approved solar panel project who generate at least 1000 megawatt power this will completed and supply the power on the manner year 2020 and they also hope that they will make more powerful solar panel which our world very famous and demanding nuclear meltdown is now deliberate with largest world’s.

About solar power energy station > Solar power station is basically design for save our environment from the polluted air or many thing. The photovoltaic station also called park of solar this is a vast photovoltaic system (PV) it is basically create to give the merchant power in the grid of electricity. This is easy to use and easy to work. The rays will come from the sun hit on the panel and the panel transforms the rays in the form of direct current (DC). This solar product is basically invented for generate the electricity from the sun rays and it also safe for nature. Now a day the solar thermal system or photovoltaic plant techniques are the mostly used by the people. This solar power station renewable energy source has lots of potential and also endless. We have to build first solar power station mover in the market this is our primarily competitive advantage. The off grid system is help to solve the dispute in between environmentally and economically. The industry of solar power panel is gone very famous and prospering with low cost manufacture and lots of motivation benefits also. All the company and homeowner are shift on this solar power panel system and invest some money on this reliable or renewable source of energy because now all will know this system is cost efficient system.



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