Wind Energy Article
This article is fully written in the topic of wind energy. This wind energy in the united state crossed the border which is very important in this matter in the few last year wind energy will work in the movement of air pressure mostly in the high or low area. As we discussed ahead this wind energy will work in the movement of the air and this will convert in the form of electricity which we use it easily. Now you have a question on your mind who the air converts into electricity? This is possible with the help of propeller which is basically in the shape of sharp blade and this blade catches the air and converted it into the energy which we use easily this blade gather the air on the solar rooftop collector and this will stored in the rock and soil and this stored energy we will use in the season of winter for heating our home. At today time this wind energy is progressive for producing the electricity at each passing a day this wind energy is now becoming a fastest progressive energy sector market.

Wind energy most important 10 things they are:-

1. As you all know the air will flow longer how much we want and this wind energy is the world class way to produce renewable source of energy with the help of wind propeller.

2. In our India or other country the wind energy company who produce renewable energy doesn’t compose the component of the wind energy but it will manufacture or transport from internationally.

3. This wind energy produces electricity with the help air and wind propeller without any difficulty.

4. This wind mill is very strong which afford fast flow air this is not harmful it’s helpful to produce much more electric power for our home. This wind power set a record to production wind electric power at international level in the landmark of Willington.

5. If we compare the state who produce how much wind power so the united state is come on the first rank because the united state is generate much more wind power energy.

6. Now lets us talk about the size of this wind turbine, first we talk about the propeller blade this blade is about 260 feet longer. Now talk about the tower of turbine so this tower is about 328 feet taller it is big in compression to statue of liberty. We say it wind turbine because they produce the electricity with the help of turbine generator.

7. In the modern days the wind turbines make the electricity with help of flow air. The taller wind turbines produce the electricity to provide the electricity at least 500 houses. It have the capacity to produce electricity and supply it at all the 500 houses.

8. Today this wind turbine comes with lots of advance feature which is also providing lots of cost efficient option.

9. The new modern turbine generates 70-85% electricity at a time. In this case this wind turbine produce various outputs which is basically depending on the speed of the air this wind turbine influence the every piece of our earth. In the state of UK there are at least 130 farm of wind turbine and lots of under construction.

10. In our future the process of producing the electricity with the help of wind turbine is different in compression today wind turbine technology. Today this wind turbine comes with lots of advance feature which is also providing lots of cost efficient option. The process of generating the electricity or energy its older process at our earth.



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