Wind Energy History
A: Wind energy history > In our India the first wind power energy is launching in the year 1986 this wind energy will give the energy to the whole life of humans and the progress of wind energy will started in the year 1990s. This renewable energy continually progressed for promote this in India in last few year during this year all the people visualized about the importance of this wind energy our India having rank fourth in compare to all other country but this wind energy is not a new one for our India.

B: Wind energy advantages > This situation all the people have lots of pressure to install this wind energy for to decrease the heating temperature in our earth. This renewable energy also provides lots of feature and has benefit too. In this wind energy the energy will come free and also updated with modern and latest version technology like the solar energy will come from the sunrays this wind energy is also same but small different in this wind energy the energy will come from the air. This wind power attract lots of industrial and business man to install this wind power and they also easily attract because it have no additional cost for install it and also it doesn’t harm our environment and no polluted our air.

C: Wind energy disadvantage > If any body want to install this wind energy then first look out the estimate if you can afford it then its ok because this wind energy want lots of money to install. In this wind energy the power of the air is not perpetual this is different at every passing day that means this wind power energy is not give you every day at same power and same voltage electricity. In this case some time if the air is not flow and the propeller not move then that time no electricity will produce because the electricity will come when the propeller will move. This wind energy is installing at the area of farm then it doesn’t compete with the cost which we expend it because in the farm there is no reduction of air that’s way it wills success on the farm. Today time at India this wind energy is very famous because this is environmentally friendly wind energy not harming any thing. Today time this wind energy is become famous and produces electricity at that place where the air will come without any obstruction and how much air we want to start this wind energy. This wind energy want lots of storage place at the production time but this is also expensive.

D: How this wind energy will work > Turbine wind energy is looking like a helicopter propeller which is rotate at only one point. This wind is made with the improper heating of the surface of earth which is heated by the sun. In this wind energy the energy will come at that time when the propeller will rotate with the help of air other wise it doesn’t produce electricity. The small type of wind energy is most efficient for our home and this is also mostly cost effective too for produce renewable energy. This wind energy creates energy in zero secretion and produces its own green energy. This wind energy is fully free source energy. If we want to install this wind energy and obtain some free energy from our terrace so this is possible we can install small wind power system. Big wind power is basically is used for the farming purpose and it also want big surface to install it and this is not for home. In this wind power energy there is one bad thing that the electric system of wind energy boost the power to start. In the market there are lots of product will available who transform the kinetic wind energy into mechanical energy and this energy will send it to number of houses and increasing the green or clean houses. We want to make our India green and clean India. This wind energy is most cleanest way to obtain the wind electricity. This wind energy is the one of the best option to install it for the business man and the home owner who wants to produce free electricity from the nature.



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